Scott Teller We at Frank I. Rounds Company are pleased to announce the addition of Scott Teller to our team of boiler room professionals!  Scott will be working to further expand our capabilities in hydronic mechanical (heating and cooling) rooms.  So many have relied on FIR as their steam experts over the years.  With a steam boiler comes the need for a deaerator, a surge tank, water treatment, blowdown separator….and more!  Now along with hot water boilers, we can assist in helping design or furnish FULL systems including primary pumps, circulators, air separators, expansion tanks….and more!   If you are designing a new hydronic system, fulfilling the needs of an RFP, or simply want replacement options, please drop Scott a line:  781-364-5015 or email him at: [email protected]    As always, we look forward to helping you achieve success on your projects.