The Invictus is a gas absorption heat pump designed for commercial hydronic heating and cooling applications. Incorporating Invictus units into a system with hydronic boilers yields the ultimate heating performance for the most demanding of climates.

Features and Benefits

  • Hydronic Heating and Cooling Applications
  • Thermal Efficiencies up to 149%
  • Utilization of Renewable Energy
  • Air Source, Water Source, Geothermal
  • Natural Refrigerants


Leveraging the Power of Nature

Capturing free energy from a natural source (outdoor air, geothermal, body of water) is accomplished by the
Invictus through the use of the ammonia absorption cycle. Ammonia is a natural refrigerant, with no ozone
depletion potential or global warming potential concerns.

Engineered Systems with Hydronic Boilers and Heat Pumps

Combine Invictus heat pumps with hydronic boilers and a custom controls system to create the ultimate
heating solution yielding seasonal thermal efficiencies up to 149%.

  • Utilize Fulton’s engineering support and design tools to make key determinations.
  • Balance initial capital investment with payback based on savings due to high operating efficiencies.
  • Operate system components based on efficiencies and operational capabilities as determined by
    hydronic loop energy requirements and outdoor air temperature.


Invictus A and AR Series

Fulton’s Invictus A and AR series heat pumps take advantage of renewable energy available in ambient air. There is still enough energy present in ambient air at -20°F to maintain 100% heating efficiency. The A model is used specifically for hydronic heating applications, where the AR model is able to reverse the heat pump cycle and provide cooling in the warmer months of the year.

Invictus W and WLB Series

Fulton’s Invictus W and WLB series are able to provide heating and cooling simultaneously while still taking advantage of various renewable water resources available such as pools, ponds, underground water tables and the earth itself.