Shipco’s bronze isolation valve is mounted between the pump & motor assembly and the receiver on all floor mounted units (when specified). This valve is superior to the competition.  Why?  Because all the valves are fully tested and they come with the rubber “EPR” gasket mounted in the bronze housing in lieu of on the “O” ring disc. 

All other manufacturers of this type of valve place their gasket on the “O” ring disc, causing it to swell upon contact with hot condensate, and come off. Our isolation valve will mount directly to all ITT Domestic â , ITT Hoffman â and Shipco products. We can supply ANY adapter flange to make this valve work with other brands.  Let us keep your customer from being burned! 

Finally, Shipco is the only manufacturer to offer an additional valve placed in the pumps bleed line when you purchased this isolation valve mentioned above. This additional valve is an extra added feature just to prevent the customer from being burned while doing seal maintenance. No other manufacturer has this feature.