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Located approximately 30 miles south of Boston, Bridgewater State University was founded in 1840.  Situated on 278 landscaped acres, BSU provides a diverse learning curriculum from aviation science to elementary education. The University serves over 11,000 students and includes over 30 buildings, 10 of which receive high pressure steam from the central heating plant. The central steam plant was initially constructed in 1964 and was recently upgraded by removing (1) field erected 1964 Erie City Water Tube Boiler and replacing it with (2) new packaged Cleaver Brooks 800HP firetube boilers. With the assistance of rebates from Columbia Gas, BSU was able to purchase the two units with Best Available Control Technology.   The  equipment packaged along with the CB Boilers included Hawk 4000 computer based controls with color touch screen interface, variable speed blower motors, low emissions burners utilizing flue gas recirculation, and boiler flue gas heat recovery.  In addition to the modern boiler packages, BSU purchased a new deaerator system, new feedwater pumps, steam flow meters, exhaust fans and a UL approved pre-fabricated boiler flue gas stack. According to an in-house study from Bridgewater State, the economic savings from this project has met all of the University’s expectations.  BSU calculated that the complete payoff for the entire project will be met in 27 months.  And that’s just from the fuel savings alone which was over $775,000 in one year ! Congratulations to Bridgewater State, as well as the design & install team for a very successful and efficient project.

The Frank I. Rounds Company had the pleasure of completing this project with:

  • Garcia, Galuska, Desousa Consulting Engineers
  • T2 Architecture
  • General Air Conditioning

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