Are you aware Shipco will customize our product line to meet your  needs and space limitations.  Shipco is not just a standard assembly line factory.  We make ALL of our products one at a time in our custom job shop allowing us to build your unit at the same cost even if it is a special configuration.  If you can dream it up, Shipco will fabricate it.  Check out the photos on our websites that show some recent customized products –

Our competitors like everything in their product offerings to be standard.  They refuse to build special sized units or units with non-standard materials, but Shipco understands that we are in a retrofit market and must adapt by offering custom designed products.  For example, we provide at NO EXTRA CHARGE – low inlet returns, custom tapping locations, tanks shaped like triangles, or deaerators placed in areas where there is a space limitation, just give us the details and we’ll help you design the product your customer wants.  Finally, we will even supply a CAD drawing for your use FREE of charge.