Specify cast iron receivers.  Shipco® is the only manufacturer who makes the 160-gallon and 500-gallon receiver sizes.  The160-gallon size Shipco® offers falls between the 120-gallon and the 250-gallon size that ITT Hoffman and ITT Domestic make and NO ONE else makes a 500-gallon size

These receivers can be used on condensate return units and boiler feed units.  (Models DC, PC, PEC, DMC, PMC, PMEC).  Our castings are locally poured and therefore, our cost and lead times are very competitive.  Shipco® provides a 20-year, corrosion failure warranty on our cast iron receivers. 

An important new Shipco® feature is the availability of the 304L SS pre-heat tube assembly on our 125-gallon, 160-gallon, 260-gallon, and the 500-gallon receivers.  Imagine the possibilities!!!  What’s more, you can mount up to 6 pumps on our 500-gallon receiver.  The 125-gallon can mount up to 4 pumps.  And remember, you can elevate the cast iron receiver.  (15-gallon receives and above)  

Finally, on high-pressure steam applications (150 PSIG boilers), why quote a steel receiver?  Sell a boiler feed unit with preheat assembly or a .03 or .005 deaerator with a cast iron receiver.  Check out Shipco®   Cast iron products.  Shipco ®,  putting the “custom” in “Customer”.