Shipco is now offering a control panel with an Advanced Monitoring System (Shipco AMS) using a level control station that will send a 4 – 20 mAmp signal to a computer or remote monitoring location more efficient management of your boiler room.

In real time, the Shipco AMS will notify your boiler room management team the exact water level in your tank and pump status. Moreover, the Shipco AMS will be able to signal all alarm notifications associated with condensate return units and boiler feed units.

What’s more, the Shipco AMS will also control your pump sequence in lieu of float switches or mechanical alternator and with the same reliability and increased accuracy.

Using the Shipco AMS your customers can eliminate valuable wasted maintenance time managing your current condensate and feed systems. The AMS can reduce wasted condensate return and significantly improve the energy efficiency of your steam system. When your condensate pump or boiler feed pump fails, you can be notified instantly where a remote monitoring system exists.

The Shipco AMS can be utilized in conjunction with the condensate portion of four pump vacuum units. When you are working on your next design build project, remember: Shipco is the only manufacturer in the steam condensate industry offers this system along with a broad range of cast iron receiver sizes!

Finally, the Shipco AMS is tomorrow’s technology now! Now, the end user’s system operator can sit in the control room and monitor ALL of their ancillary equipment in addition to their boiler.